" I think Smugglers Blues is Great! " - Joe Elliott ( Def Leppard )
"When I hear a singer, The first thing I hope to hear is Soul ...
You Can't buy it ... It comes from Within .
Secondly is Tone, & How it resonates with you ... The Singer,
& in turn, The listener ...
Lee Small is One of these Special Singers ...
He Lives & Feels the moment, May you shine my friend ... "
Glenn Hughes, Los Angele




RELEASE DATE  23rd FEB 2018 

Signalred undertheradar





Released 26th March 2018

Through the eyesofrobert lees cover

"Where East End Ghosts Meet Cornish Coasts,

& Spirits in the South Wind"


 Reflections - is an exclusive limited edition

3 x cd Box set

Available exclusively from 



Only 200 will be available, making these very special. 


Every set will be Personally signed by Lee.

Priced at £19.99 plus P&P



This set represents 10 years as a solo recording artist & has been produced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of


As well as Including "JAMAICA INN"  2012  

It will also feature exclusively the new solo album


(Currently unavailable anywhere else other than this set) 


Anyone who purchases REFLECTIONS 

Will also receive a FREE

15 Track exclusive bonus download album

Of various cover versions 

Recorded as a gift & a thank you for your valued support,

And a "Making of Southern Wind" Podcast download.




2018 02 06 photo 00000350


Tues 6th February 2018

Hello everyone,

Cant believe we are already into Feb, when you reach a certain age, the time just seems to fly.

This month the SIGNAL RED - UNDER THE RADAR album is released through Escape Music, I am very excited to say it is also coming out on Vinyl!.

Co written with my friend from TEN, Steve Grocott, this album should be cranked up loud on a good hi-fi system or a great set of headphones, as it will take you on an interesting musical journey from start to finish. Something for everyone on this hopefully & quite sure due to Steves Orchestrated guitar work, you will be hearing new things jumping out at you every time you give it a spin.   


I have an update on SOUTHERN WIND.

My third album will be available shortly,

Me paying homage to legends that passed through the doors at Capricorn Records & all the other great artists that help pave the way creating that wonderful Southern Rock/pop sound, that has influenced me greatly over the years.

The album artwork deserves a special mention, it really looks fantastic.

Tris Greatrex (who did Lionhearted Second Nature album art)  has done an amazing job  & worked so hard on this!.

He has taken me back 'literally' to the early 1970's,

all this making it my favourite album cover & photoshoot i have ever been involved in, as I get to wear some great original period vintage clothing,  & even don a great wig too! all helped create the right feel we were looking for & all for the love of the cause, & as you can imagine, it was great fun indeed. 

The Track listing is

1: Let the good times roll  2: Bethel  3: Southern Wind  4: Autumn Song 

5: Angels of the highway  6: Soulsville  7: East Side Cab Ride  8: Tonka toy

9: Life hurts  10: Ode to Philip  11: The last thing on my mind.


Something nice in the pipeline regarding my solo back catalogue, so watch this space for news regarding it shortly,

Take care & bye for now ..  


best wishes